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Sprint Filter is a company specialising in the production of high-performance sport air filters for motorbikes. Founded in 1952, the company has a long tradition in the automotive and motorbike industry, and has always stood for the highest quality and excellence in its products.

Sprint Filter air filters for Bimota are designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. Each filter is designed to maximise the amount of air entering the engine, improving the bike's output and performance.

In particular, Sprint Filter sports air filters are characterised by higher efficiency than standard filters, thanks to their greater filtering surface area and ability to retain the finest, most harmful particles for the engine. In this way, Sprint Filter provide greater engine protection against wear and contamination, helping to increase the life and reliability of the motorbike.

Due to their high quality, Sprint Filter air filters for Bimota are used by many professional racing teams around the world, who choose them for their competition bikes. In addition, Sprint Filter offers a wide range of filters for different makes and models of motorbikes, to meet the needs of all motorcyclists, from beginners to experts.

But it is not only the quality of the products that sets Sprint Filter apart. The company is also committed to environmental sustainability, using only recyclable materials and minimising waste in production. Furthermore, Sprint Filters are designed to be washed and reused several times, thus reducing the environmental impact of waste.

P08 technology is one of the strengths of Sprintfilter sports air filters. This patented technology represents the evolution of double-layer sports air filters by using a new filter material called 'P08'. The P08 material is a polyurethane foam fabric, characterised by a high-density three-dimensional structure, which allows it to capture particles even smaller than 50 microns, preventing them from reaching the engine. In addition, P08 has a greater filtration capacity than traditional materials due to its high surface area in contact with the air.

In addition to higher filtration efficiency, P08 technology also offers other advantages. For example, the material is extremely strong and durable, resistant to high temperatures and vibrations, and does not deform even under strong acceleration.
Thanks to P08 technology, Sprint Filter sports air filters ensure superior performance compared to standard filters, guaranteeing a constant and homogeneous air flow to the engine without restriction or pressure loss. In this way, Sprint Filters help to improve the bike's performance, increasing power and engine efficiency.

In addition, Sprint Filter sports air filters with P08 technology are designed to be washed and reused several times, reducing costs and the environmental impact of waste. To clean, simply remove the filter from the bike, wash it with mild soap and water, and allow it to dry before reinstalling it. In summary, P08 technology is a hallmark of Sprint Filter sports air filters, providing increased filtration efficiency, durability and longevity, enhancing the bike's performance and output. If you are looking for a high-quality sports air filter for your motorbike, Sprint Filter with P08 technology is definitely a reliable and affordable choice.

In addition to the classic sports filter version, Sprintfilter has developed some special variants for the most important motorbike models, including the P08F1-85 version and the P037 (WP) version, i.e. air filters with a different filter pack, specially designed to deliver more air to the engine than any other filter system without decreasing the filtering properties of the same.

P08F1-85 is a filter material specifically developed for use in sports air filters on racing motorbikes, offering even greater performance than P08. This material consists of a layer of open-cell polyurethane foam, covered by a stainless steel grid, which guarantees greater strength and stability of the structure.
Compared to the P08 technology, the P08F1-85 offers a higher filtration capacity due to its even higher pore density and the presence of an additional filtration layer. In this way, the P08F1-85 is able to retain even smaller, engine-damaging particles, providing even greater protection and improved engine performance.
In addition, the P08F1-85 is characterised by greater resistance to high temperatures and vibration, ensuring greater durability and stability over time. Thanks to its open-cell structure, the material is also highly permeable to air, allowing a constant and homogeneous air flow to the engine without restriction or pressure loss.

The P037 (WP) variant of the Sprint Filter Air Filter, on the other hand, is specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions, such as exposure to dirt, water and dust. Thanks to its waterproof and ultra-fine structure, this filter is capable of filtering out debris down to 37 microns, while guaranteeing airflow equivalent to Sprint Filter's renowned P08 road/race air filter, the leader in its class.

The special versions (not available for all motorbike models) are suggested for those who are not satisfied with the normal performance of the motorbike and implement the engine with additional modifications to the mechanical and electrical parts, finding in this filter the right balance for a motorbike that demands the maximum. Special filters are not recommended for classic road use.

We advise our customers to contact us in advance to find out production and delivery times, which may vary from one model to another.

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