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By Adolfo P. (Montegiorgio, Italia) on 26 March 2023 :

Product rated : Leovince No Kat Dacatalyzer Moto Morini X-CAPE 650 Totto ok spedito immediatamente appena avuto in magazzino- prodotto in perfetto stato. Bravi ed efficenti.

By Ralf H. (Welzheim, Deutschland) on 24 March 2023 :

Product rated : Marving K/5007/NC/A Kawasaki Gpz 750 R Ich habe diese Krümmeranlage als Ersatz für die originale Anlage bei Moto Sound bestellt. Der Artikel wurde sehr schnell geliefert und war sehr gut verpackt. Die Krümmeranlage ist super passgenau verarbeitet und passt wunderbar anstelle des...

By Noah D. (Heiligkreuz (Mels), Schweiz) on 18 March 2023 :

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List of products by brand Yoshimura USA

Yoshimura is a pioneering manufacturer of high-quality motorbike sports exhausts, based in Nakatsu,. Founded in 1954 by Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura, a motorbike enthusiast, the company started as a motorbike repair shop and later developed into a manufacturer of high-quality sports exhausts for passionate motorcyclists. With a long history of sporting success, Yoshimura has established itself as one of's leading motorbike sports exhaust companies, offering a wide range of products for road and racing motorbikes.
In 1973, Yoshimura established its US subsidiary, Yoshimura R&D of America, based in Chino, California. This subsidiary was founded by Gene Romero, an engineer who saw an opportunity to expand Yoshimura's presence in the United States. Over time, Yoshimura R&D of America has become a leading manufacturer of motorbike sports exhausts in the United States as well, providing high-quality products for competitions such as AMA Superbike and AMA Motocross and working with motorbike manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha to develop custom exhausts.
Yoshimura's products are manufactured with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliability, durability and improved motorbike performance. We are pleased to advise our customers to contact us for production and delivery times of Yoshimura sports exhausts. Pictures of the products are available on each product sheet and we are always available for any questions or concerns about compatibility with your motorbike.

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